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How Home Elevators are providing Mobility Solutions for the Elderly and People with Disability.

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Home elevators provide comprehensive solution to the mobility needs of elderly or People with disability. It enables them to live on their own. Traversing a multi-storeyed house or apartment does not pose any challenge. Home elevators provide easy way to carry material and passengers up and down across floors in a multi storeyed house.

Advance technology has made Home elevator Safe, comfortable, easy-to-operate and long lasting with little maintenance.

Following Features of Home Elevators made them idle choice for home usage.

  • Easy of operation, push button controlled.
  • Joystick/Remote controlled option available.
  • Highly customisable to suite your requirement
  • Wheel chair loading feasible
  • Reliable and quite operations with electric traction control
  • Rugged/Less maintenance required.
  • Low cost solution to high luxury available.
  • Lots of safety features:
    Emergency call button
    Cable safety device
    Emergency Light etc.
    Brail enabled call buttons for visually impaired.
  • Digital floor indicator
  • Voice Controls
  • Efficient and low consumption Motors
  • Manual And Automatic Rescue Device
Home elevator

All these make the Home elevator excellent choice to be used in home. These can be easily adapted by senior citizens and person with disability. By using fully equipped and customised Home elevators, they can move freely and independently.

Pre-Requisite for Home elevators:

  • Size: Cab size may vary according to requirement, usually 1.2 sqm is sufficient.
  • Framed Structure: if the building already has the provision of a shaft with concrete beams/brick work and pillars forming framed structure a lift can be setup. Otherwise Outdoor lifts with access from the wall can also be provided, where mounting is on the MS Rails/Channels.
  • Power Requirement: 2-3 KW (440V-220V AC/50 Hz)
  • Vertical Limits: Home lifts are usually designed to cater upto 15 meters or 5 floors (3m height per floor) vertical distance.
  • Loading Limits: Usually designed for 2-3 persons or up to 275 kg of static load.
  • Maintenance Requirement: Needs inspection in six to eight month and repairs may be done as per requirement.
  • Machine Room Space: May be required on top if you opt for overhead widening drum type elevator, otherwise, electric traction & Hydraulic type lift does not require additional Machine room space.
  • License Requirement: for commercial elevators license is required but for home lifts same is not mandatory.
Installation of home elevators

Installation of home elevators not only adds to convenience of the house but also increases the value of property. So go ahead and install one in your home today and make life easier for your family and guests.

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