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Hospital / Bed Elevators !

Medical service Industry involves critical life saving activities which includes carrying patients to different floors for various reasons. We have theliftthat is build specially for the hospitals usually to accommodate stretchers. The lifts can be traction machine based or hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location.For such critical application, we provide you with robustly designed elevator which can accommodate a standard hospital Bed (Stretcher)heated food trolleys etc.

These Elevators generally adopt advanced inverter control technology and lowest noise module that make the elevator runs stably, which can let the doctors and patients arrive the destination unconsciously. These series lifts apply blurring logic and group control that reduce the waiting time. It represents the spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying in rapidly. The lift usually accommodates 13 persons to 40 Persons with the minimum size being 3' x 7'. It can serve any number of floors.

Cabin walls - if required can be washed or fumigated, Powder coated or Hairline brush finished stainless steel. Collapsible channel gates or Swing doors with glass vision windows can be provided. Swing doors can be varied from floor to floor and Automatic doors are also available with heavy duty to withstand impacts and high usage cycles.

Advanced computer network control technology and flawless self-detecting system is used for the safety of bed lift, which adequately detects any malfunctioning and install all kinds of prevention and emergency devices.

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