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A Minute can make huge difference in Emergency – Install Apex Hospital Elevator for Safety & Reliability

In Hospital organizations, mostly there are critical lifesaving activities which includes carrying patients to different floors for various reasons. At the same time, where the patient’s well being is relying on the ability to move smoothly through the hospital that could mean the difference between life and death. When a high priority hospital bed approaches, an elevators reader system should immediately identifies the tagged bed at a distance of several meters to reach O.T or Emergency ward immediately.

Hence, Apex (One of the leading hospital bed elevator manufacturer in India) has come up with the lifts those are built specially for the hospitals usually to accommodate stretchers. These lifts usually come with traction machine based but it can also be hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location. Apart from it have special features like smooth and jerk less traveling, smooth and comfortable travel, accurate stoppage, economically low power consumption, emergency control features and above all, reliability and safety that matters in life saving conditions. These elevators are built up by using a robust structural steel frame, solid sheet metal side panels, Vertical side panels, full height, also fabricated from steel and are externally bolted to provide full interior surface with ideal strength and rigidity.

The Apex’s intelligent elevator management system automatically opens the electronic doors. This solution ensures a safe and smooth flow of important patient centered processes and enables medical staff to focus on patient’s condition. These Elevators commonly known for advanced inverter control technology and lowest noise module that makes the elevator run stably, which helps doctors and patients to reach the destination unconsciously. These series lifts apply blurring logic and group control that reduce the waiting also. Apart from it lifts usually Accommodates 13 to 40 Persons with the size 3' x 7' minimum and it can also serve up to any number of floors.

Therefore in such critical application, Apex’s robustly designed elevator that accommodates a standard hospital Bed (Stretcher) without any hassle because in such critical conditions a minute or few seconds can make huge different in hospital organizations. To assure Safety & Reliability we will have to know the merits, features of apex elevators so let’s have a look on the merits first.

The Merits of Apex elevators

Here are some of merits points of an Apex Hospital Elevator which attract customer to by these top class lifts.

  • Advanced technology & intelligent door operator.
  • Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine.
  • Vector-based intelligent integrated controller.
  • It has high priority hospital bed approaches an elevator reader system.
  • Many usages for hospital bed elevators such as Single way door opening. • Crossed door opening. (At different level).
    • Double ways opening. (Front & rear).
    • Multiple types of door opening system.

Important Parts & features of an Apex elevator for Hospitals

The parts and features of an apex hospital bed elevators shows the uniqueness of the machine which are as follows:

  • Gearless traction machine: low power consumption, low noise, maintenance free, and non-pollution.
  • Car/Cabin operating panel: eye-catching red characters and blue backlighting deliver some elegant and quiet temperament.
  • Car/Cabin ceiling: boundlessly display imaginative space, and become everybody's focus.
  • PVC flooring: wear-proof, anti-skid, flame resistance and exquisite color


  • Gearless Machine
  • Geared Traction Machine
  • Smooth & jerk less start and stop
  • Economical
  • Control Panel
  • Regenerative Drive
  • Auto Rescue System
  • Overload Indicator
  • Low power consumption
  • Long Life superior in performance
  • Reliable
  • Extra Safety Features

Therefore Apex Elevators advanced computer network control technology and flawless self-detecting systems are used for the safety, it adequately detects any malfunctioning and installs all kinds of prevention and emergency devices. Meanwhile it also have communication connection to an outside 24x7 emergency service, automatic recall capability in a fire emergency, and special access for fire fighters in case of fire. So one should go with Apex hospital bed elevators to assure Safety & Reliability.

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